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About Eicher & Sons Steel Buildings

We are a Family owned company that is known for its quality workmanship, fair pricing, and great costumer service. Our goal is to leave in our wake beautiful structures and satisfied costumers, accomplished in a timely manner.

Our Pre-engineered Steel Buildings have many advantages that make them the most appealing building solution for the Commercial Industry, Industrial Uses, Agricultural Purposes, Aviation Hangars and much more!

Our Pre-engineered Steel Buildings are the most flexible solutions on the market for contractors. All of the Metal Buildigs we offer are durable and require very low maintenance and in many cases are cheaper to build than most convetional building systems. We will Custom engineer and design your metal building to have the look you want, with the functionality you need.

If you are reading this today then you are probably already thinking about doing one of the best things you can do to reduce the cost of constructing your commercial or industrial building. Not only is steel durable and strong, but it happens to be one of the most cost-effective building materials on the market today. To save on building costs even more, you can choose a pre-engineered steel/metal building that only has to be put together on site. At Eicher & Sons we have so many options that you can choose from when it comes to steel buildings, including pre-engineered steel buildings that can be designed to fit any need and any location.

When planning to buy a pre-engineered steel building you will want to have a good understanding of all the costs associated with building and maintaining a steel framed structure. There are so many reasons to choose steel for your next project and you can learn more about them on our website.

One of the best reasons to choose steel is its environmental appeal. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB’s) are touted as one of the most environmentally friendly forms of building construction. PEMB’s are meticulously designed to provide the required building function with the least amount of construction waste. Also, steel is a recyclable material, adding to the green aspect of PEMB construction.

Steel Frame Buildings

Pre-Engineered to last a lifetime!

Steel Buildings can be insulated even more than a conventional building, boosting energy efficiency and saving on heating and cooling costs.

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